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Thunderbolt Thinking offers a wealth of skills, techniques, and practical guidance for discovering how to turn insights into actions that get results. Through superior design, development, and facilitation, we offer our clients a unique, "independent, third- party" perspective that invigorates their thinking and optimizes their strategic opportunities. We provide thinking experiences in four major service areas:

yellowbullet.gif (1060 bytes) Sustaining Innovation: A multifaceted initiative designed to drive Innovation from the executive level to the front line by building strategies to sustain Innovation in the workplace.

yellowbullet.gif (1060 bytes) Innovation Training: Improve performance by teaching people "how to think," so that they are more creative, energized, and effective.

yellowbullet.gif (1060 bytes) Innovation Survey: To assesses organizational strategies, leadership competencies, and budgeting processes and identify areas that can be leveraged to achieve an organization-wide approach to innovation.

yellowbullet.gif (1060 bytes) Thinking Experiences: Challenge your team to look for opportunities to develop and position innovative new products/services or strategies that create your organization's future.

yellowbullet.gif (1060 bytes) Keynote Presentations: In a visionary, insightful, and powerful presentation, you and your people will be invited to challenge how you think.


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